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HUD Refunds Book
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How To Trace HUD/FHA Mortgage Insurance








































The Department Of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was originally called the Federal

Housing Administration (FHA). The FHA was established in 1934.One of the objectives of the

FHA was to make home mortgages a more desirable investment for lenders. The way the FHA

accomplished this was to "insure" the mortgage loans that were made by FHA-approved lenders

on homes that met the standards set by FHA.


The program does not actually lend the money to the borrower to purchase the home. What

it does is back the mortgage loan which is funded by a lending institution. In the event that the

homeowner does not repay the mortgage, FHA will pay off the loan, then repossess the home and

attempt to resell it. In 1965 Congress changed the name of the Federal Housing Administration

to Housing and Urban Development (HUD).








Chapter Two:


Where The Money

Comes From


The Federal Housing Administration is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban

Development. The FHA has a mortgage insurance program that makes housing available to

individuals of any income bracket, with or without military service. With FHA backing the

mortgage loan, the home buyer can purchase a home with as little as 3% to 5% down. At the

present time FHA will guarantee a home purchase up to $100,000 for a single family residence.

As mentioned earlier, the FHA does not actually lend the money to purchase the home. The

FHA stands behind the mortgage loan, in the event the homeowner does not repay the mortgage,

FHA will repossess the home and sell it to recover the loss.

The way the program works is simple, in addition to the price of the home, each home buyer

contributes a small amount of money to a pool. Each borrower of HUD/FHA pays 1/2 percent of

the loan amount or 1/2 point. Example, on a $50,000.00 loan the amount would be $250.00. On a

$100,000 loan the amount would be $500.00.

This pool can be considered a kind of insurance premium. The 1/2 percent goes into the

FHA/HUD shared distribution section which covers any losses due to foreclosures of any

FHA/HUD backed loans, and a few other expenses. In case of foreclosure, the borrower forfeits

any refund due to them. However, in the case of a good loan, the money then sits drawing no

interest until the loan is paid off and the borrower is contacted for a refund.

Chapter Three:



Why The Money Is




When an FHA loan is repaid either by paying the required number of monthly payments or by

refinancing the loan, it is the responsibility of the borrower to notify the FHA that the note has

been paid. It is also the responsibility of the borrower to notify the FHA of their current address.

When notified, HUD/FHA will then calculate the amount due the borrower, and mail them a

form #2042, "Notice of Distributive Share of Premium Refund". The borrower should then return

the completed form with proof of ownership. This can be accomplished with many different

forms of ownership such as a mortgage bond, deed of trust, security deed note, mortgage note,

recorded deed, etc. After receiving the completed form and proof of ownership, the borrower

can expect a check for the full refund in approximately 45 days.

Sound simple? Well the system was designed to be simple. However, there is one catch.

Although in most cases it is explained to them at the act of sale, most people do not fully

understand the mortgage insurance program. They do not realize that if they sell their home and

someone else takes out a new mortgage, their loan is fully paid by the new mortgage. Many do

not realize that if they refinance for a lower interest rate, the new mortgage will pay off the

original debt. Many simply just forget that they have money waiting for them when they retire

their mortgage.



There are many different reasons, bur they all boil down to one fact. There are many

unclaimed dollars sitting in the HUD/FHA shared distribution section, with approximately 95%

of the FHA/HUD borrowers not asking for the return of their money. With the addition of new

names monthly, and such few individuals being found and refunded the money due them, this

fund grows each month at an amazing rate.




































Chapter Four:


This is Where You Fit In



Over a period of time the fund has grown quite large and the General Services

Administration (GSA) has ordered HUD/FHA to dispose of the money accumulating in this


HUD/FHA has agreed to let individuals, like yourself, become "tracers". What the tracer

would do is locate the borrowers that are due refunds.

It is important for you to understand that you are not working for the U.S. Government.

The government only acts as a source to refund the money, and not your employer.

You will actually be working for the borrower that is due the refund. The fee that you

charge your client is entirely up to you. However, most tracers work on a fee based on 25% of

the money they collect. With the number of clients available to work with, you should not have

any trouble setting your fee at any reasonable amount.

As a tracer you will be self-employed. However, this may not be all bad. Being self-

employed allows you the ability to be your own boss, the ability to work from the convenience of

your own home, and be able to profit from your own creativity. Perhaps the best part of being

self-employed, however, is the fact that you will be able to write off your expenses such as

printing, mailing fees, and other costs associated with your business. Naturally, you should

consult with a competent accountant for proper IRS filings.



Chapter Five:


Where to Start

The first thing that will be necessary will be to obtain a list of new names from the

HUD/FHA computer. This may be accomplished by using the order form placed in the

back of this research manual.

We also include the individual price list for State listings of MMI Mortgages for

mortgages paid off in 1977 through two (2) years before the present date. Simply choose the

areas or States that you wish to work and order the list for that particular area. The order form

should be mailed to:


Department of Housing and Urban Development

FHA/HUD Mortgage Insurance List

P. O. Box 9500

Springfield, VA 22151


The list that you receive will be a computer print out, similar to the one we have enclosed in

Chapter Six of this manual. The list may contain thousands of names depending on the amount of

States or areas that you wish to cover.

It will take approximately four (4) weeks to receive the information upon notifying HUD/FHA of

your request.



Chapter Six:



Looking Over The List


What Does The List Contain?

After you have had time to look over your list of people due mortgage insurance

refunds, you will probably find that there may be many discrepancies. Many addresses

will not contain complete zip codes. Some have no zip codes at all. Remember,

HUD/FHA holds the list for two years before making them available and many things can

change. However, do not be discouraged; these people are not as hard to locate as

you might think!


Your lists will be described as follows:

1. The name of the person owed the refund.

A. Many times you will see two names listed, always list both names

when corresponding.

B. In some cases you will see a business name listed. We suggest that you


C. avoid contacting these as they are too time consuming and you will not


have a shortage of names to work with.







2. Last known address.

A. This is the last known address that HUD/FHA had for the borrower. Although


this is a good place to start your search, this does not mean that they still live at


the address.


3. Property Address.

    1. This is the address of the property that the mortgage was placed on. In many cases it


would be the same as the last known address. Keep in mind, however that if they sold

the home they would no longer be at that address, but the new owner may have a

forwarding address.

4. Incomplete Addresses.

A. We suggest you not spend too much time on incomplete addresses.

Remember, you have many names to work with.

5. The Date The Money Became Available.

A. This information can become valuable. Although we do not suggest you

completely disregard older names, try to work the most recent names first.

6. The Amount Of Money Due The Borrower.


A. Naturally, you will want to work the clients with the largest amount

of refund but do not disregard the smaller amounts. Sometimes they

prove to be the easiest ones to trace.

7. The Case Number.

This is the case number assigned to that particular borrower. It is a

very important number as the claim cannot be processed without the correct case number.


Chapter Seven:


Why The Borrower Needs You

You Will Eliminate Frustration For Your Client


As a tracer of mortgage insurance funds you will be fulfilling a tremendous need for

your clients. If the borrower is not contacted by HUD/FHA, it becomes very difficult to

recover the money due to them.


They first must know their case number which is listed on the information you receive

on your lists. Without this number they will not be able to correspond with HUD/FHA

to start the procedure of the refund.


You will find that many people you contact have already made an attempt to have the

money refunded. However, without information on the necessary procedures, they have

become extremely frustrated and will be glad to turn the program over to a competent tracer.


You Will Make The Client Aware That Money Is Due


At the act of sale or closing of a HUD/FHA loan, it is the responsibility of the loan

officer to inform the buyer of the 1/2 percent insurance fund. Unfortunately, this is

seldom done and when it is done many people do not understand or forget that the money

is waiting to be returned. This creates a great need for tracers to not only locate the money but

help the person or persons get the refund.


Chapter Eight:


First Things First


What Do I Do First?


Read through the booklet carefully and familiarize yourself with not only the concept of

tracing, but the actual steps and correspondence used. Feel free to copy or reproduce

anything in this manual.

With the purchase of this publication we have provided you with all the informational

tools necessary to begin working out of your home or office. What we can't provide is motivation

that's up to you. The important thing is to use this manual only if you do will it be worth many

times the money you paid for it.

We are providing you with a very valuable tool. A tool that can be used to build your dream.

Don't allow anyone to steal that dream by convincing you that it can't be done.


Dedicate Time Each Day


The unique thing about becoming a tracer is that you will not only be able to be your

own boss and work from your own home, but you will also be able to control your own

time. However, we suggest that you dedicate a certain amount of time each day to your

new business. You may start with two to three hours if you have that much spare time.

Once you see the results we feel sure that you will spend much more.




Obtain Professional Stationery

It has been said that "you only have one chance for a first impression". With this in mind, we

strongly suggest that as soon as you can, have professional stationery prepared by your local

office supply company.

You can have your printer typeset any form in this booklet. The printer will place your name

and address at the top leaving spaces for the variables (names, addresses, refund amounts, etc.).

Type or print the information very neatly in the spaces. Remember, some people may be

contacted by another tracer, so you want to always have the upper edge by showing a

professional image. There is no doubt they will choose you over a sloppily hand written letter.


Keep in mind, the envelope is the first thing your client will see. If it is not opened you will

not have a chance of doing business with this client. We suggest that you let your printer prepare

your envelopes. You will be able to purchase in quantity which can save you a considerable

mount of money. The main reason, however, is that it lends a more professional image.

Bulk Rate Mail

You might also check with your local post office regarding bulk rates. Most have a minimum

of 200 mail-outs, however, the cost can be less than seventeen cents each.

You will incur a cost for the original bulk rate permit which can run as much as $125.00, but this

is something you can do later with the profits from your new business.

Post Office Box

We suggest that you use a post office box. A street address denotes more of a permanent


Chapter Nine:


Contacting Your First Clients

Step Number One

Once you have obtained your list you will want to start contacting the people. There are

several ways to accomplish this. The first is to simply mail a letter to the name and address

shown on the list. (We will provide the verbiage for the letters and agreements later in this text.)

You will note that we supply two types of introductory agreements. One agreement is

designed to have the refund check mailed to the borrower that is owed the refund, (your client).

The other is designed to have the refund check mailed to you, (the tracer).


Undeliverable Mail

As you start mailing out your letters you will see that many borrowers have moved. You will

receive their letter back marked undeliverable. Do not be discouraged, this a numbers game and

you only need about two percent of your clients to respond to make this a very profitable



Step Number Two

If you receive the letter back from step number one, you will want to re-send the letter under a

different form of correspondence. The next letter will be sent to "Resident" at the same address.

(Remember, you will be supplied with samples of all letters in this text.) The reason the next

letter is sent Resident is very simple. Many times the person or persons currently living at this

address will know where the borrower has moved. In many cases they will contact the borrower


or contact you with the new address of the borrower. Keep in mind this is why you are called a

tracer. You will be tracing the individual owed the money. Also keep in mind that once the client

is found, a return of $200-$300 is well worth your time and effort


Note: Always include "address correction requested" with any correspondence you send. When

possible, the post office will look up the forwarding address.


Step Number Three


Because there are so many names to work from, most tracers go no further than these two

steps, however, there are many other ways to trace a borrower.


Telephone Books


The telephone book can be a very valuable tool in tracing if you know how to use it. If a

borrower has not moved from the city they can be found by simply looking up their telephone

number and giving them a call. You might want to invest in having several large metropolitan

area telephone books sent to you in the areas that you will be working. They will more than pay

for the investment in a short period of time. Call your telephone company and they can instruct

you on how to obtain these books.




The library is another good source for your tracing business. Most libraries carry several

different telephone books in adjacent communities. Chances are your client has left the city or

town, but not the area. The library will also have what is known as a "crisscross" directory.

This directory will tell you who lives across the street from your client. Most people become

close to their neighbors and keep in touch after they move. A letter or telephone call to a neighbor

is always a good source of finding the client. The "crisscross" directory will also give you the

telephone numbers.


Telephone Information


By using your telephone book you can get the area code of the city that you will be calling.

Use this information to call the information operator. The operator should be able to tell you if

the borrower still lives at the address on the list. Although this can cost you money, as you can

see it saves you a lot of time. In many cases the operator will be able to give you a new number

and address if your client has moved, but lives at a new address in the same area.


The National Five Digit Zip Code


As soon as possible you should obtain a "National Five Digit Zip Code Directory"; the

cost is approximately $10.00. Many addresses on your list will have incomplete or no zip

codes. Not everyone knows about this publication and this information will allow you to

send a letter immediately to your client.



Chapter Ten:


Introductory Letters




Unless you choose to make telephone contact with your client, the letter of introduction will be

the first letter to be sent, and your first communication with the client. Keep in mind that this will

be your first impression on the client and should be done in a professional manner.

The introductory letter basically tells the borrower (your client) that they have money due them

from the Federal Government. You can use two different letters. One that allows the check to be

sent directly to the borrower, and one that allows the check to be sent to your address. We find

that most tracers prefer to have the check mailed to them. Both ways have proven to be

successful and it will be up to you to decide how you want to handle it.


Let's take a look at both letters on the following pages.



Letter Number One - Used When Check Is Mailed To Borrower


(Your Professional Stationary At Top)

(Today's Date)

(Borrower's Name)

(Borrower's Address)


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.,

The intent of this letter is to notify you that the U.S. Government is holding money (put in amount from list) that is rightfully yours. This money has been available to redeem since (Put in date from list) and it is not earning interest. If you qualify, we can help you receive this money.

We are in the business of helping people, like yourself, recover their money. As a business we charge a processing fee of 25% of your claims value (put in amount of percentage) which covers our cost and the time involved to recover your money. This charge is not applicable until you receive your check from the government.

Our service includes: Locating the recipient. Processing the paper work, on going communication with the Government offices involved on your behalf, filing the necessary documents, having your refund to you within six weeks of the date your completed paperwork is received at our office.

There will be no further charge to you in the event our costs exceed this amount. if you are interested in our services, please sign the authorization agreement which must be notarized. This document allows us to recover your money by acting as your agent. Prompt return of both documents will speed up the recovery process.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call our office. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future. I remain,


(your name and address)

(your telephone number)


Letter Number Two - Used When Check Is Mailed To Tracer

(Your Professional Stationary At Top)


(Today's Date)

(Borrower's Name)

(Borrower's Address)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms,

The intent of this letter is to notify you that the U.S. Government is holding money (put in amount from list) that is rightfully yours. This money has been available to redeem since (Put in date from list) and it is not earning interest. If you qualify, we can help you receive this money.

We are in the business of helping people, like yourself, recover their money. As a business we charge a processing fee of 25% of your claims value (put in amount of percentage) which covers our cost and the time involved to recover your money. This charge is not applicable until you receive your check from the government.

Our service includes: Locating the recipient. Processing the paper work, on going communication with the Government offices involved on your behalf, filing the necessary documents, having your refund to you within six weeks of the date your completed paperwork is received at our office. We will then notify you within five working days of its arrival.

There will be no further charge to you in the event our costs exceed this amount, if you are interested in our services, please sign the authorization agreement which must be notarized. This document allows us to recover your money by acting as your agent. Prompt return of both documents will speed up the recovery process.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call our office. We are looking

forward to working with you in the near future. I remain,


(your name and address)

(your telephone number)





Chapter Eleven:


The Contract


You will be working with your client to recover the mortgage insurance funds due them from

HUD/FHA. To insure payment for your involvement you will want to enter into a simple

contract with your client. We suggest that you use the following contract:


This contract is made this____ day of____ ,19____

By and between: (Borrower's name)

(Borrower's address)

And: (Your name)

(Your address)

With regard to the following recitals:

Whereas, (borrower's name) may have a valid claim, for funds in the amount of (encumber amount) from the U.S. Government;

And whereas, (borrower's name) waives all of his/her rights of privacy and expressly authorizes (your name) to obtain payment information that has been approved and certified by the U.S. Government relative to his/her claim for (encumber amount);

And whereas, (borrower's name) has not knowingly applied for the (encumber amount) governmental claim since (encumber date) at any other time or any other individual or company;

And whereas, (your name) is in the business of locating and issuing the necessary documents to the U.S. Government for the payment of funds on behalf of a valid claimant;

And whereas (borrower's name) is desirous of having (your name) process the necessary documents in (borrower's name) behalf for a fee.

Therefore, the parties, by reason of the aforesaid recitals and by their mutual agreement hereinafter contained, do hereby stipulate and agree as follows.


1. (Borrower's name), authorized (Your name) to act as his/her agent for a fee.

2. (Borrower's name), certifies that he/she has occupied and/or retained title to: (property address).

3. (Borrower's name), shall execute any and all documents necessary for (your name) to perform the service to obtain the government check in the amount of (encumber amount) which has been available since (encumber date).

By and Between: (Borrower's name)

(Your name)

4. (Borrower's name), shall pay to (your name) a processing fee of (percentage) equaling to (percentage of encumber amount) for his services, within five (5) working days from the receipt of the (encumber amount) government check.

5. (Borrower's name), understands that the (encumber amount) government check will arrive at tracer's address, direct from the government, within six weeks after this agreement is received by (your name) at (your address).

6. Should suit be commenced or an attorney employed to enforce payment of the sum of (percentage of encumber amount, or processing fee) pursuant this agreement (borrower's name) agrees to pay such additional sum as the court may adjudge reasonable as attorney's fees in said suit.




Signed, this____ day of________,19____


Signature of Borrower


Telephone number


Signature of Tracer


Telephone number






( I ) ( We ), the undersigned. (am) (are) the claimants entitled to be paid by the Distributive Shares Branch of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (MUD), Washington DC 20410, a distributive share in the amount of_________________ , generated by the property located at


(I) (We ) understand that a U.S. Treasury check which is payable to the undersigned in this amount would ordinarily be sent to (me) (us) at (my) (our) home address of:


located at:________________________________________

It is expressly understood that this Specific Power of Attorney does not authorize nor empower anyone other than the undersigned to affix (my) (our) signature (s) to the check.



Signed, this ______day of ________ , 19______


____________________________ ________________________________

Witness Signature


____________________________ ________________________________

Witness Signature


On this _____ day of ______ , 19_____ personally appeared before me;




the person or persons signing this specific Power of Attorney and acknowledge to me they have executed this instrument as their own act of deed.






Chapter Twelve:






Third party tracers are required to comply with the following procedures when reporting a

claimant (owner of record at the time the mortgage was paid in full or the legal heir) due

distributive share or premium refund from the Department Housing and Urban Development's

(HUD) Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund. Note: HUD is NOT a party to any agreements,

financial or otherwise, between the tracer and the claimant(s).


EP #1.

Tracers must submit all of the mandatory claimant information to HUD on the attached

Tracer Found Case (TFC) form. (The form may be reproduced locally). Incomplete forms

will not be processed.






P. O. BOX 23699, WASHINGTON, D. C. 20016-3699


Claimant(s) must certify that they have not received a distributive share or premium refund from

HUD in connection with the FHA-insured mortgage payoff.


Claimant(s) shall authorize only one tracer to submit the TFC form on their behalf.

HUD will accept only one TFC form for each unpaid case.


EP #2.

HUD will mail the form HUD-2042, Notice of Distributive Share or Premium Refund to


the claimant(s), at the mailing address provided. The form HUD-2042 will not be mailed

to the tracer due to widespread abuse of the program.

Claimant(s) signs and returns the form HUD-2042 along with proof of ownership. (A copy

of the canceled original Deed of Trust Note. Quit Claim Deed or other deeds is considered

proof of ownership and any supporting documentation showing entitlement such as divorce

decree with property settlement and death certificate. (All documents submitted must be properly

recorded and executed.) NOTE: HUD no longer accepts copies of recorded instruments which

were obtained from public records as sole proof of ownership. Such copies are readily available

to the general public and their possession does not prove that a particular claimant was the owner

of the property when the FHA insured mortgage was paid in full.

Only claimant(s) who were the owner(s) of record of the mortgaged property at the time the

FHA-insured mortgage was paid in full or the legal heir may be entitled to a premium refund or

distributive share. All claimants(s) shown on the proof of ownership must sign form HUD-2042.


Upon receipt of a properly executed form HUD-2042 and acceptable proof of ownership

HUD certifies the case for payment and provides advice to the Department of the Treasury to

issue the check.


The check is made out to the claimant(s) and sent to the mailing address provided on the form

HUD-2042. Addresses different from claimants shall be authorized only upon submission of a

properly notarized specific power of attorney with the form MUD-2042.

HUD will only accept the power of attorney using the language in the attached sample form.

Note: This power of attorney only authorizes the check to be sent to a different address, The

check is not made payable to the tracer.


Allow 90 days from submission of the form MUD-2042 for payment processing before making

an inquiry. Tracers must submit inquiries or payment status request in writing, accompanied by a

release under the Privacy Act signed by the Claimant(s).



Chapter Thirteen:


The Tracer Found Case


As a tracer you will be requested to submit all claimant information to HUD/FHA on a tracer

found case (TFC) form. This form may be reproduced locally. However, it is important that it

be reproduced with the same information. Feel free to use the TFC form supplied with this







Tracer Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

Street Apt. No.


City State Zip Code

Telephone Number: ( ) ___________________


FHA Case Number: ________ - _______________ ________

IMPORTANT!!! Do Not Omit!!!

Name: _____________________________________________________

(First, middle initial and last name)


(Additional Names)

Address: _____________________________________________________

(Street and Apt. No.)


(City, State, and Zip Code)

Phone Number: ________ - ________ - ___________

(Include Area Code)


Property Address:____________________________________________________

Street Apt. No.


City State Zip Code

Date Title Acquired_______ Date Property Sold: ________ Date Mortgage Paid Off:______








The Department of Housing and Urban Development is not a party to any financial agreement between the tracer and the claimant.

MORTGAGORS: I/We, hereby certify that I/We never received a distributive share or premium refund from HUD in connection with this FHA insured mortgage. I/We consent to the above Tracer submitting this form on my/our behalf.

SIGNATURE (S) ____________________________ Date _______

of Mortgagor (s) ____________________________ Date _______


FORWARD YOUR "FOUND" CASES TO: Department Of Housing and Urban Development, Distributive Shares Branch, PO Box 23699, Washington, D. C. 20026-3699



Chapter Fourteen:


Tracing FHA/HUD Refunds


Step by Step

In closing let's go through the steps of tracing refunds for your clients. After you have completed a few, I'm sure you will agree that the program is not only simple, but can be

very rewarding.


Using the order form provided in the back of this book provided in chapter five of this manual, the first thing you will want to do is contact HUD/FHA for a list of borrowers that are due refunds. There will be a small charge for the names, but do not let that concern you, this can be a very lucrative business if you work it properly. You can designate any particular area or state that you want to work. You can also request a price for all 50 states.


Once you have secured the names you will want to start contacting the borrowers. We supply two types of introductory letters. One designed to have the refund check mailed to the borrower. The other to have the refund check mailed to the tracer. We find most tracers prefer this latter method. If the check is to be mailed directly to the tracer, it will also be necessary to have the client sign a power of attorney (provided in chapter #11).


Once you have received your signed contract or signed contract with power of attorney

(if you want the refund check mailed directly to you), it will be necessary to fill out the

Tracer Found Case (TFC) Form.

You may copy the TFC form in chapter thirteen of this booklet. You will answer all questions related to you as the tracer, then mail the TFC form to your client. Your client (the borrower) will fill out all information pertaining to them, sign the form, and mail it back to you. Be sure to include a stamped, self addressed return envelope. You will want to make it as easy as possible for your client.

When you have received the TFC form back from your client, you will mail the completed form to HUD/FHA, using the following mailing address:

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Distributive Shares Branch

P. O. Box 23699

Washington, D. C. 20026-3699


HUD/FHA will then mail a HUD-2042 Form, "Notice of Distributive Share of Premium Refund" to the borrower. The borrower will sign the form returning the form with proof of ownership. This can be in the form of a canceled Deed of Trust, Note, Quite Claim Deed, or any other form of Deed showing the mortgage was paid in full. Upon receipt of the completed 2042 Form HUD/FHA will send the refund.

Our publishing firm sincerely hopes that you have found this book to be helpful in teaching you how to become a government tracer. Moreover, we hope the book plays an important role in changing not only your financial success but your personal success.

A majority of capable and ambitious people in the United States have a great desire for a business of their own... This is part of the "Great American Dream". Yet, the ever increasing capital requirements needed to start a business are making it more and more difficult to realize that dream.

This publication is comprised of some of the best information available today in starting you out in a business that does not require a great deal of capital. The government tracing business!

We realize that if you are among those whose personal and financial goals in life are clear, who desire a business of your own and have the ability and energy to make it grow, then there is no limit to what you can achieve, if you have the right vehicle. It is our goal to provide you with a vehicle whereby you can achieve financial success, as well as personal success.

The future belongs to those who have a vision and the determination to achieve their goals. This publication cannot promise a certain future, that ultimately is up to you. What we can promise is an opportunity in the real world to make goals materialize!

We wish you luck and welcome your success. It is very important and rewarding to know that you have helped someone be all they can be!





P. O. BOX 9500 SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151





Alabama (AL) $25 Montana (MT) $20

Alaska (AK) 20 Nebraska (NE) 20

Arizona (AZ) 40 Nevada (NV) 25

California (CA) 135 New Hampshire(NH) 20

Colorado (GO) 25 New Jersey (NJ) 40

Connecticut (CT) 25 New Mexico (NM) 25

Delaware (DE) 20 New York (NY) 75

DST. Of Columbia (DC) 21 North Carolina (NC) 25

Florida(FL) 60 North Dakota (ND) 20

Georgia (GA) 30 Ohio (OH) 35

Hawaii (HI) 20 Oklahoma (OK) 30

Idaho (ID) 20 Oregon (OR) 25

Illinois (IL) 35 Pennsylvania (PA) 35

Indiana (IN) 30 Puerto Rico (PR) 20

Iowa (IA) 20 Rhode Island (RI) 20

Kansas (KS) 20 South Carolina (SC) 25

Kentucky (KY) 20 South Dakota (SD) 20

Louisiana(LA) 25 Tennessee (TN) 30

Maine (ME) 20 Texas(TX) 70

Maryland (MD) 25 Utah (UT) 25

Massachusetts (MA) 30 Vermont (VT) 20

Michigan (MI) 45 Virginia (VA) 30

Minnesota (MN) 25 Washington State (WA) 35

Mississippi (MS) 25 Wisconsin (WT) 20

Missouri (MO) 30 Wyoming (WY) 20


1. Fill in order form using the abbreviations listed beside the State.

2. Make your certified or cashiers check or money order for the total

amount payable to "Department of Housing and Urban Development"; or "HUD". Be sure to write "HUD Insurance List" in the upper right hand corner of the payment to ensure proper identification.

3. Mail your order to address above. Your order will take 3 to 4 weeks.



Mail to:

Department of Housing & Urban Development

FOIA-HUD Mortgage Insurance Lists

P. O. Box 9500

Springfield, VA 22151

I wish to order the following listings:

Enter the State or Field Office listing abbreviation:


HUD- __________________________ ____

HUD- __________________________ ____

HUD- __________________________ ____

HUD- __________________________ ____

HUD- __________________________ ____

HUD- __________________________ ____

Method of Payment - payable to HUD

( ) Certified or cashier's check ( ) Money order

(no personal checks or cash)


Address Information












* The fee covers only document search and duplication costs and is not a charge for merchandise. Therefore, the fee is non-refundable.



It is important that you use this program to your advantage. Customers who have used our program have had an extremely high rate of success. However, After ninety days, if you have not secured an offer of employment and met the conditions described below, you may return the program to us for a refund This guarantee is in effect for a full 12 months. That way, you can take the time you need to find exactly what you are looking for. And when you do, please let us know of your success. Thank you.


*Please provide proof of purchase date by providing us with a copy of your original invoice which is included with your program.

_____ Provide five proofs of attempt to use the program. Companies will acknowledge

your applications. Example: Returned envelopes or letters of decline.

_____ We do require that the program is kept for a full ninety days from the date of


_____ The program is returned to us in good salable condition.

_____ Please print the following information:

Name: _______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

City, State, Postal Code: _______________________________________________

Phone number: _______________________________________________

Reason for returning: _______________________________________________





IMPORTANT: Please note that refunds cannot be processed without this information sheet. Therefore, please be certain to return it to us with the information requested above.

Please send returns to:







Send all inquiries to:  webmaster@HowToBooks

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